Thursday, January 07, 2010


encouragements to not act badly

The universe works for you. Only you are reacting to it as if it does not, making assumptions it will oppose you, preemptively controlling and forcing and breaking things, and generally not giving things a chance to work out.

What complicates things immensely is the fact that so many other people are acting like you too. They do act against you, they're teaching and perpetuating bad examples, which you learn and generalize from. It would be much clearer that the universe was acting for you if (A) other people didn't act badly, and (B) you stopped opposing and gave things a chance to work out.

Of course it would be easier if you could get A without B, you'd be the king of the universe! But your self-esteem would plummet. You'd become extremely alienated without any sense of how you, the only bad one, could reform, which way to go, or why you even deserve to exist. You need other people showing you various examples of bad behavior, sometimes worse than your behavior sometimes better, so you can learn and relate. You need to see that badly acting people are still human beings that you can understand and care about. Otherwise you'd be totally lost, forever!

It is worth noting that you do flirt with experiences of A without B. You can get pockets of people being good around you while you're the only one doing something bad. Those are intense moments indeed, when you have the choice to be defensive and blaming (I'm not bad, they did something wrong, those good two-shoes!) or you can be inspired and grateful, letting them show you how to forgive and fix your actions. Make the most of such opportunities, they are life-changing.

And what if you get B without A, that is, badly acting people around you when you're being good? Is that possible, is that even fair? Well chalk it up to the momentum of your reality, because you certainly can get badly behaving people coming in and out of your life even after you clean up your act. Learn a lesson, watch your secondary reactions, make the best of it! Reinforce your commitment to not do what they're doing, take the opportunity to clarify your understanding of the situation, and refine yourself further. They may or may not learn from and appreciate you, but you can certainly learn from and appreciate yourself. It's simply going to take a while for all the problems to fade away, and much longer if you go in and out of bad behavior too.

The point is that badly acting people will have no sticking power if you are working positively with the universe. How? Because the universe will take the badly acting people into account when providing for you, and your job is simply to not hold onto them or react badly back.

If someone doesn't want to change, don't try to change them, that would be a form of holding onto. Offer but don't force, care but care enough to let live. Everything doesn't need to be perfect for your life to be fine, everyone will need some space to play out their own choices. The universe is going to make room for everyone to experience life as they choose, so the newspapers will still be full of all kinds of stories.

That is why your planet will definitely not become perfect in your lifetime, and your response to difficult situations will matter. But your life can defintely become a resilient moving bubble of perfection in the world, mysteriously untouchable to those who would shake you, and heaven sent to those who are looking for examples in the new way to be.

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