Thursday, April 27, 2006


Life as a love story

Well friends, there's a lot going on, new relationships and projects in my life, complete with mystical connections. I'll write more about it in the future. For now, I recall the words of Henry David Thoreau, and how he said "Simplify simplify" instead of just "Simplify", and whether that was the point.

With my Mystical Movie Guide hat on, I say a big thank you to Bruce Wood, the Chicage artist and indie director who sent me his new film "The Door" which is about real dream sprites he has befriended, near as I can tell. Check out my review, it's fascinating stuff.

Which brings me to writing a little poem about my most constant recurring dream friend.

The Longest Relationships
by Carl J. Schroeder

Connecting the faces,
I noted the places,
and symbols of our each rendezvous.
When I looked in your eyes
I felt ever more wise
to the love that you and I knew.

"She feels like my twin,
what realm is she in,
can I really be from another?
when she is a he,
am I still a me,
can she also be then my brother?"

My dear I asked you,
what name to call you,
you got mad and said I should remember!
Are dreams what they seem,
will you do what I deem,
or do I what you think when I slumber?

I'm very proud of her, whatever her name is, the blond woman I call her for now. I saw her in concert last night, she was singing a West Virginia coal mining song that I know from childhood, performing onstage on a synthesizer in a club. There was some great symbolism, because it was called Blue Diamond Mine (by Jean Ritchie), and this fun movie I watched recently (called "Interstate 60") has a leprechaun trickster who does card tricks with different colors of suits, to teach people to see things differently. At first, you can't see the red spades and blue diamonds, but after you learn they exist then you become able to see them. This is a common theme in reality theory, and it reminds me of the story, supposedly true, that when Captain Cook landed with tall ships at tropical islands, the natives could not see the ships out of sheer unrecognizability. It was the village shaman's job to come out and say see, that big white thing, it's a sail, and under it is a big boat, with people on it, they'll be arriving soon." Then people could see Captain Cook and his crew.

So my blond was singing:
"In the mines, in the mines, in the Blue Diamond Mines,
I have worked my life away.
In the mines, in the mines, in the Blue Diamond Mines,
oh fall on your knees and pray."

I could feel myself performing with her emotionally, because it was just like something I would do, except it was her up there on stage. I wanted to hear her do more songs, but then the dark haired woman (another recurring character, the blond's friend and sort of an older sister) came out and performed a song, and it wasn't like something I'd do, it was unfamiliar, but it was good too and I was intrigued.

Consider getting Bruce Wood's film "The Door", and tell someone whether you have dream friends that you can recognize too.

best wishes,

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