Sunday, March 30, 2008


More advice out of the blue, or so it might seem

This could be another blog entry, but as I sit down to write some movie reviews so my movie site doesn’t get so out of date, I feel the urge to say this message to myself.

I present it for wherever it comes from and wherever it goes to, which includes profound possibilities, such as calling it channeled energy information from higher beings and/or self, to a self who is needing the message. Regarding the up direction of where the message comes from, it is actually part of the human mind stretching to consider that the message comes not from a particular exclusive being, and then have the conflict of figuring out which one. Is this God talking, Jesus, an angelic guide, a non-physical teacher, a spirit friend, an elemental energy of the planes of existence which include physical, astral emotional, and mental. Or is it from my soul, another self, a manifested self in another space time, an inner energetic archetypal self, a dream, my imagination. WHO IS TELLING ME THIS?

It is the ego, the separate identity clinging to cultural images and limited abilities that it thinks are itself, which gets very upset when faced with suggestions and possible truths that do not come from just one place or other. Helpful messages come from positivity, which is a state of inter-dependence and helping and benefit (synergies, symbiosis) which tends to line up all beings in a clear view all the way to God. So a good message, good inspiration, good idea comes from God, Jesus, angels, teachers, spirits, souls, selves, and any number of mythic half-imaginary friends in-between that can evolve over time.

That’s right, God evolves. Jesus for example should be imagined as not exactly existing historically, but being a collection of impressions having qualities that embody and make possible important spiritual relationships that people were needing to grow and become more of themselves. That more can be something better or worse – we’ve all heard of people who did good in the name of a religion, and other people who did bad.

Jesus is… the ever sacrificing and forgiving soul, the higher self, the guide, the personal god, our side of God, our higher energetic body… which conception brings out something usefully good for you? The subjectivity of divinity gives some idea for why it is incredibly futile and stupid to denounce other religions as wrong or evil. Religions are cultural systems, one-size-fits-all image collections for evoking (hopefully) more virtuous sides ourselves. The lost and stumbling self could use some moral guidance - make that strict rules for those who want to obey or fight strict rules.

If you demonize another religion, system, or person, then you’re just taking your versions of their images to enliven and embody your own negativity. Enemy worship is another form of religion, it makes more real the things people oppose, beginning with what they oppose in themselves. It can become very obvious, that people create evil in their own image – such as moral leaders who are secretly adulterers, righteous politicians who create wars to end wars, etc. It would be better to just get clear internally, conceptually, and drop beliefs and behaviors in ourselves that we find offensive. But many people, not knowing how life works, let destructive thoughts and habits grow in them with no idea of where they came from or how to stop them. Where negative seeds come from is often other people and other selves, and what to do to stop a negative situation is take it apart, identify the sequence of thoughts and feelings that lead to destructive impulses, and replace the pieces with sincere efforts to be more grateful, hopeful, realize who to trust and who not to trust, build positive expectations and goals, etc.

When we get stuck out of ignorance or payoffs in destructive behaviors, we frustrate and offend ourselves. If we can’t face being the source of a problem (not all problems, just the problem that invites other problems), we consciousnesses will often just stew and get increasingly blindly irritated at entire situations that follow from our little piece of negativity. If anyone comes along who does something similar or close to what we did, we get really ticked off. We want to lecture them and convince them and make them stop. It’s so much less emotionally difficult to try to control someone else who’s the cause of the problem than face ourselves emotionally, or so we think. Actually it is impossible to control other people, they’ll either do what we want for their own reasons, or let us control them in exchange for deepening roles to play with them.

People build up very negative beliefs and dramas that hold each other in positions of blame for what they can’t face in themselves. And the negative society grows and grows, with everyone contributing some piece of negativity. Pieces fit together, like complainers and control freaks and silent bitter sufferers finding each other, until everyone can look around and say see, I’m definitely not to blame for all this negativity! I don’t do bad things because I say I don’t do them. But maybe they do other things that they don’t want to look at, and don’t want us to look at. But by the nature of reacting to what they do that annoys themselves, such people will call out their own sins, as it were.

Extreme cases of people invested in a negative world become almost split personalities, with one side of them very nice and one ignored denied side very mean. People play games with this duality, make it funny, make it acceptable, institutionalize it with false wisdom about how good and evil are constants and one side can’t exist without the other. Such people will have enemies deeply ingrained, and when you get in the sights of their enemy guns you’ll know it. That’s when you get on someone’s bad side, you find out their dark side. At such times, the person will increasingly, hysterically see in the world attackers of the form of their own worst sides, which they abusively run loose in even as they say things like “you’re so bad, stop it, stop it!” Sometimes it’ll be like they’re just talking to themselves, and seeing no one else.

A lot of what these people say will apply directly to themselves because they’re desperately trying to get their own attention even as they don’t want to look or feel in their center. If they’re talking to the cut-off parts of themselves through you, then you’ll suffer for it. You can try to stop it, but they want you in the role they’re casting for you, and ducking out will threaten them with seeing how you weren’t as much of a problem as they were. They’ll fight to keep you their enemy, they’re not ready to understand and accept and change the negativity in themselves.
Clean up your act, and try to step out of their way as efficiently as possible without giving them more to react to. Which is hard, we understand – if you yourself are shaky in how good a person you are, not sure how big and how important your own bad habits are, then you’ll tend to cave in to the other person’s attacks and either be contrite (I’m so bad, you’re right, what can I do to make you happy with me – ah, so glad you asked) or fight back (I’m not bad, how dare you!). You’ll know you’ve contained and shrunken your negativity as you become able to silently disagree, know with compassion that they are messed up, and be willing to do something to help them.

Helping may even include taking some unfair blame and graciously getting away without getting the last word or being understood or vindicated in any way. Their version of you is the bad guy, not you. The more you can know that, the more you can pray for the other person at a safe distance. That’s about all you can do sometimes, but it’s plenty, since you’ve gotten yourself out of the way for the universe to help everyone involved in the situation, including you. Your relationship needs healing. The problem person may only put you back on their good side and still hold blame and hate and fear for others, but at least you get off the enemy list. It’s your life, after all.

So why do bad things happen to good people?

Let’s back up. It’s amazing how much people don’t, can’t, won’t, haven’t face basic concepts. There’s a lot of speculating who is in control of life. People often say God, how could you let this happen! Or, in some perverse corollary, God, don’t let them get away with that, punish them!

God exists and God lets people decide what happens in their own lives, whether that be for better or worse, by design or default. It’s that simple, but it sounds like blame the victim, so many people can’t handle the concept when they need it most. Are people hurting themselves? Yes they are, but not deliberately. More out of ignorance and disbelief. If people really knew and understood how everything could be so much better for them, easily, permanently, happily, then they wouldn’t stay where they are.

Many people have heard by now the expression “You create my own reality” and take reaction to it without really taking it apart. Oh, sorry, that’s “You create your own reality”, or “I create my own reality”. Not enough said about how we create a shared reality, because that gets too complicated. Fact is, we all create pieces of the shared reality, and people do a lot of copying and imitating and adapting to their situations. But almost no one really understands or faces how their beliefs about life make life happen, by direct doing or by indirect attracting someone else who will do it to them.

People don’t deeply realize for example how their fear is triggered by worst case horror images which push them to look for a source enemy to attack and control. Consequently people get caught up in statistical waves of interrelated misfortunes and hardships, and these tend to make the dangerous reality out there look all the more real. And functionally it is real, but you can also realize how unreal it is by discovering how quickly it can change to a more positive dynamic, a better world, with a few behavioral adjustments among the key players. And at the center of your own reality, you are always your biggest key player.

Being central to all the action is part of what people find hard to believe. But it’s true. People are always looking for leaders and following trends, including intuitions and zeitgeists and ideas whose time has come. The more you can flesh out and act from positive states, the more those positive states will spread invisibly around the world.

Think of it as adding performances to a master catalog of inspiring role models, and you are the audience who rates and judges. If you find and like an attitude, a habit, a way of dealing with the world that works for you, then practicing and perfecting it to yourself makes it more available for others. In the great search engine of life energy, if you’ve been finding good ways to live, they’ll be picked up by others.

If you duck out of negative situations effectively, then most immediately and obviously, the negative relationships you’ve been in will have one less player, and one more mysteriously hopeful and positive influence to remember. As we said, maybe your attacker will just pick their enemies elsewhere and leave you alone, but they won’t be able to forget you. You’ll be part of the subtle pressure and guidance to change their ways, to know that there’s another possibly better way to be. More abstractly, your behaviors are picked up psychically by all human beings. You’ll be seen in dreams, and you’ll be heard of as you join groups of kindred spirits, quite literally sometimes.

Keep improving yourself, it’s worth it, it’s making a difference, it’s working. Don’t give up, do your best and make way for others to do their best too – including greater powers than you addressing and healing your truest enemies, which include ignorance, disease, corruption, hurt, in yourself and others.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


some would say I'm getting my Jesus on!

Whew, a lot of thoughts and ideas toward a blog entry, and I can’t say then all by sequential time. But some I will.

It’s a challenging time, not enough spare energy to express too much here. Already been self-expressing with thinking over and journaling in notebooks and audiotapes. Tapes are nice because I can listen back and see how much I sound like someone who knows what they’re talking about. There are tangents I could go on, which would come back to a track I feel, like boomerangs maybe or moons around a planet. But the sun is the soul, and that’s the goal. To feel attracted to the soul. The source, your source. (1)

One way to tune into the source is to think about your version of things, how great it would be. If you get stuck on any judgments of someone else’s world out there then your not in your version of things. For example, if you react against what someone says, you’re just showing to yourself how much their version of the world is or isn’t your own. Or if you don’t like the way people handle something, like money, or authority, that’s fine. Just remember it’s not the thing that’s rotten. Money for example is not the root of all evil. Whoever said that meant, money is the root of all evil “for me”. It can be quite comical to make pushy universal absolutist statements become subjective again, it turns that energy around back at them so fast it can make your head spin. Hmm, maybe they mean but can’t bring themselves to say, money is the root of all my evil. Whatever it is, money is clearly a problem for them. Is it a problem for you? Well, how could would should money work, in your version of things? Then expect that it can work that way for you, and welcome any signs of this happening. Don’t spend what you don’t have, of course. At least not beyond the fixed interest rate you can expect to have.

You’ve got to realize, that a lot of this world isn’t your own. Most of it. A few people are bold, foolish, or desperate enough to make big changes, but mostly this is a very patchwork reality of little patches. You might be surprised which patches are most closely aligned with the good and bad sides of you – they’re probably the ones that you respond most inspiredly and furiously to, respectively, and you can choose to build on one and disconnect from the other (not my version).

It’s a big virtual reality game here, though since your body lives in the game, along with your friends and family, it’s very real and important. You definitely chose it, you signed up to play and it’s your screen, it’s your interface, so don’t smash the monitor. It’s not over til it’s over, though it can be very provoking.

Provoking would just mean that you are imagining one possible threatening outcome, so guard against and look for different possible outcomes. The rules can change quickly when you realize they’re in your too. There are many complex inputs to the system, in addition to the obvious enviable controls out there of who has the money and power. To get to your version of things, you’ve got to feel your own internal opinions, your attention, and your love. The right ones will help you find your soul, which will increasingly approach you like some loving living light, a great friendly being watching over you, like a sun or god of new or mythic stature.

You can’t get stuck on the images out there, especially now as life gets more challenging. And you know it is, life getting challenging, with global conflicts, global pollution, global economic problems, global resource scarcities, global disease, and so on. It’s almost like the bad word is global. And in a way it is, since global means planetary, and Earth is where we live. Our bodies are from Earth, our stuff can’t depart, at least not while we’re valuing this physical lifetimes. Global means the set is filled, the consequences are realized, the sustainability is demonstrated. Obviously a lot of human systems today don’t work. (2)

I’d like to say didn’t, but mostly it’s still don’t. I had a vision, that it was the so-called common people who were in great numbers looking out for a brighter future, for hope and humanity. What were the leaders, people in positions of power and authority doing? Mostly hiding in fear of making wrong choices at a scary time, hoping the problems would go away by ignoring them or shooing them or outright falsifying to deny them. It's not hard to see that behaviour has led to the globalization of problems. Nowhere left to run, time to face up, very challenging for everyone.

It's a challenging time for everyone, for a reason. But I don't know all the reasons, people will be where they are. Focus on you, and giving your best to everyone you are drawn to meet. Right down to the anonymous well wishes, or prayers, or good energy. Whatever your version is called.

The vision was a vivid, charming, and chilling little movie in my mind as I was going to bed one night. An outstanding hypnogogic experience some researchers might say, a communication from heaven some Christians others might. They’d get their Jesus in there somewhere, too. Which is not a criticism, unless they pick on me first, which they sometimes do in my head, in my past, and in my world. But others are quite cool, like what Eric Leiser did with his hypnagogic divine visions, ie. made an astonishing semi-amatuer film with his brother, called Imagination. You might want to check it out, if it fits in your version of things.

I started out a Christian who liked to think about creatures from other planets, then I became a mystic Christian who studied in various esoteric churches including Spiritualism and Swedenborgianism (note the latter denies connection with the former). I admired the more intellectual mystics like Hildegard von Bingen, Emanuel Swedenborg, Robert Monroe, Kurt Leland, and in some ways became like them. It was my version of things, it still is, and evolving. Which is one way of saying that parts of this blog entry are from some mental friend or friends that I work with, and that’s the way I like to put it. My mental friends. An expression I got from some new wave songs in the 1980’s, I think it was going around at that time.

In my part of the world, anyway. :)

PS- oh there had to be a postscript, surely. well, it looks like up to marker (1) i was letting my ego run down, thru (2) i was channeling a view from the soul, and after (2) i was trying to speak as me again, which got some personal history and processing in that not everyone will relate to. Interesting how this stuff works. I'm learning what it means to say that i have tended to live on the mental plane, which is where the gods live and the souls if you can become more egalitarian.

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