Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My kind of president, and the start of a New Age

“My kind of president, and the start of a new age”. Who am I to say that? I could be many different kinds of people. This is remarkable, there are more people who can share that statement today than who can agree what it means. And I’m happy for everyone who’s happy.

(Obama did say New Age, by the way. In my view that’s a very nice reference to a culture of hope and human values. Some religious people see it as a threat, but those same people see many threats, and they need to start asking themselves what eye glasses they’re wearing.)

There are a lot of blacks saying they never thought they’d live to see the day of a black president, the day when someone so highly appointed is judged by the content of their character and not the color of their epidermis. That’s been wonderful to hear, I know it means a lot to black people. I’m not black, but I can feel for the black experience.

Heck, I just thought I’d never live to see the day of another great president. I don’t care what color he is, I thought we were doomed. And Obama is already great, he’s the extraordinary leader called for by extraordinary times. I thought the emotionally ignorant militant rich white guys were going to kill us all. Now we have a decent chance to show that by just and sensitive management, this nation, and by good example all nations and the planet, can and will bounce back brilliantly.

Obama is giving his excellence. A lot of people around him are giving their excellence, and we’re all being called to give our excellence now. This time goes really deep in history. People need to be led by their conscience and opportunities to love, to find what’s real and alive and revolutionary for them to give.

I’m doing my best to care for a family, to see and feel and speak the hope, to work on my contribution to the future. My excellence is that I’m developing techniques and abilities to connect with the higher realms, mostly by dreams that guide me throughout the day as I analyze them. Here’s a link http://www.soulstirring.org/cosmicdocent/

How could I not blog on a day like today? There’s never before been a day like today. The opportunities are tremendous to get things right this time, to see the world bounce back and prosper, discover itself and thrive, like never seen before.

There are going to be lots of new days coming, some smooth, some turbulent.

Practice the three l’s, that’s what they do up there in the high heavens. Learning, loving, living. All the best traditions and teachings come together you know, just at different levels of symbolism. Quite literally, so I am learning, every one of us comes from future selves whose strengths we can draw upon today (the true meaning and origin of loans). We each come from utopian origins, and we each have entry points into many worlds.

Awareness of higher perspectives -- being from them -- confers great wisdom and happiness, success from knowing what to do. Qualities such as these have obviously been lacking in many of the drivers and rulers of the world. Their rule is crashing, a new one is ascending.

Many many see and feel the hand of God in Obama's rise to prominence. He is just a man, a great one at that. But the way that partisanship took down Clinton, the way McCain dug his own grave, the way that the economy crashed in time to make it the serious issue that it always should have been (for with economic justice will come world peace, seriously, try it and see)… there were larger patterns that pulled Obama to the forefront. This extraordinary multinational young president with a gift for words, for integrity, for vision.

When Bush won his second term against John Kerry -- who I thought was decent but clearly not as strong as Obama -- I thought, oh my God: I just hope we’re building to a great vindication here. Maybe people need another four years to really wake up to the priorities, and stop letting emotionally ignorant militant rich white guys run the planet.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard pieces. Obama’s inauguration speech today was hard hitting. Good. He said that greed, lax oversight, and avoiding the hard decisions necessary got us to where we are today in economic crisis. He said that our ideals and security go together, in clear rebuke to years of militaristic scandals. Things like that he said, truths delivered by a friend who wants to help set things right.

Happy days are full steam ahead.

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