Monday, May 26, 2008


attachment and desire

A Buddhist friend brought up:

> Noble truth #2: the origin of suffering is attachment.

I replied, and share the reply here:

I think it's all in the translation. I think the kind of attachment that is to be let go of is desperation for, like I can't be happy any time that i don't have this. If we can find peace in every situation, if we can make the best of any situation, then when it suits us the universe can provide tons of everything. If one's lifestyle is out of balance though, things can be lost and then it's important to not be attached, so we can keep on going. Competitive insatiable consumerism has doomed people to some hard times for rebalancing, but there's nothing wrong with wanting and having when it's sustainable and in balance. The natural state of people is to want, and the natural state of the earth is to provide in abundance. Greedy dumb polluting people have messed up the cornucopia, that's all. It will take some work and cooperation to get it back, and that's fine, people are supposed to want it back and thus be motivated to learn how to get it back.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Thought from the Day

The problem with creating your own reality, is that the optimistic people have no right to feel optimistic about the pessimistic people, but they can't help it.

Context for interpretation: you can have yours, I have mine

Thursday, May 15, 2008


do repeated lessons have to get harder?

This is a little out of context, but here's my post to the yahoo group for the Michael entity teachings at There's a discussion thread going on that is largely talking about how and why people learn lessons on the physical plane. I'm surprised that so many people make the painful assumption that if you don't learn something the first time, it'll be harder next time. It's like some people enjoy making the threat to grow or else, which I think would just feed back into the resistance to growing in the first place. I liked the view that came to me in response:

Hi all, this is Carl and i'm just jumping into the list occasionally and this caught my eye. By the way, what is Yarbo?

> Karen: This is a great reminder. I've often wondered why so many of our issues couldn't be worked out on the astral.

I think this is only true for those for whom it is true. As Karen says later about whether life gets harder as lessons have to be revisited, it's true if you choose to do it that way. I believe that as lessons repeat they get bigger and more intense to get our attention, but that could just as easily involve bigger more loving more manifested teachers, as it could increased deprivation and suffering to force focus.

So likewise, why would it be true for so many people that the physical plane is where they have to make their growth and changes? Because that's the way they're doing things, that's what they're up to. Entities like Lazaris say they are among the many beings who never choose to grow physically. Devas and nature spirits grow astrally, only the lower simpler ones growing in the etheric just beyond the physical. It's like, here are categories of reality and their properties, which do you think will help you best with your growth? Humans say physical, at least until they start doing more of their growth in dreams and meditations, which are above the physical. Growth done in lucid dreams and guided meditations would clearly violate any demand that the physical be where all growth is done. As physically focused beings evolve, it becomes preferable to do a lot of growth in the higher levels, where one can create and release much more easily.

What do you all think?

(Followup note 5/24: to my knowledge no one ever answered this forum post, though some conversation continued in the topic, which i took to mean that no one had an answer. I was disappointed, but that's okay, because i think it's helpful to get used to the idea (develop coping mechanisms for the experience) that you may not always get physically incarnated validation for ideas. Esotericism comes with growth. So-called older souls may have very different reasons for being on the planet from younger, including very specific esoteric mission-oriented theories on what is possible. There are a lot of situations that i don't have an answer to. Presumably if no one physically incarnated has the answer, then non-physically incarnated beings could contact us with all the answers we need to grow. Which reminds me, does someone up there have a quick easy clean replacement for gasoline? Send it on down please. Can't hurt to ask :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008


vision of nirvana

This is very inspiring, brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor whose life changed from the mystical experience of a stroke, she sounds like a Near-Death Experience or Out of Body Experience lecturer who has seen and preaches the ultimate reality, enjoy!

Great site to know about too.

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