Saturday, September 27, 2008


educate the public before it's too late!


I support your campaigns, I send the emails. You pushed for more protections in the Wall Street rescue package, and you got it. Now House Republicans are turning this into a political platform and opposing any rescue package, because they've made it into a push button issue so that Americans will think it's a give-away to Wall Street!

This is about getting the credit markets to work again with a technique of buying up and holding unpopular assets until they can be sold. It worked for the Great Depression, it worked in Sweden in the 1990's, it will work again.

The economy will crash and burn without this pacakage now! Don't let stupid politicians who would rather follow than lead be led by angry Americans who don't understand the stakes! Get a movement going to explain the need for the rescue package, why it's now a rescue for America and not a bailout for Wall Street! Tell people to call their Congressmen to pass something before it's too late!

Carl Schroeder

Friday, September 26, 2008


Understand Why The Bailout is a Needed Rescue Now

I'm going to add my energy to the crisis resolution now. There is a 700 billion US economy rescue plan being debated in Washington that is being opposed by some House Republicans for purely political gain, to show their voters back home that they don't give Wall Street a bailout free ride.

This is a very serious moment in history. The 700 billion is not a gift to the rich people on Wall St. It is a way to get money back to American businesses while the Wall St mess is sorted out. Make no mistake, many Wall St elite are losing their shirts. But because banks stop loaning money for fear of who's going to go under next, the entire American economy is freezing up for lack of money to run. Your grocery store won't be able to borrow money to stock the food to sell you, you will starve soon you Americans who want to punish the rich.

If you call in your support to Washington to pass the 700 billion rescue plan, then the US will get a lot of that money back over time, and you will keep your jobs, be able to buy food and cars and homes, and we will all survive.

Do it, get this right, don't react in ways that drive the politicians to block your own rescue!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Remember, during turbulent times

The earth could be a very abundant successful place with the right resource management.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


On Evil

Many people enjoy perpetuating the reputation that evil is smart, impressive, and powerful – the equal counterpart to a good creator God. Either that, or evil does not exist at all. Or it only exists, in a Godless world.

Well I believe that evil does exist, but evil is like a homeless, friendless, starving petty thief, who everyday is approached by countless relatives and community leaders. These good people beg the thief to rejoin their society, offering him food, shelter, companions, education, employment, and more, all for free. The only cost will be the unavoidable implicit acknowledgement that the thief was not the greatest power. This admission alone is what the thief daily refuses, so that he might continue to scrounge in the gutter for scraps, hurl insults at passersby, and call himself master of the universe.

Is that smart? Is that impressive? Is that powerful? Is that the equal of anything at all, much less of a God?

Evil is not a human being, but human beings who implicitly worship evil by construing its power become its ignorant lackeys, carrying out evil’s suggestions to do harm to varying degrees, and allowing others to do harm. Is that whom any of us wishes to serve: the most degenerate, low, stupid creature in the gutter, one who subsists on scraps and puffs up to fearsome impotent proportions, rather than study the universe of cooperative abundance? Is there any of us who has not used intimidation to gain an upper hand, made threats or fantasized revenge when we felt profoundly disadvantaged?

In an age when the global crisis, built up over many years of careless self-serving activities and the competetive permissions given to others to do the same, now threatens us all, it is time to eradicate our core infatuations with evil. We human being are capable of knowing when we do a harm, we only prefer to believe as evil does that we are capable of not harming ourselves. By apologies, humilities, forgivenesses and fixing, we can realize how false that hubris truly was, and enter into the greater prosperity that necessarily functions for the wealth of every one involved. How difficult it is to believe that the greatest benefits to self come with the very same actions that benefit others as well, and vice versa, yet not believing clouds our brilliant capacities to perceive the generous choices and solutions which lie beyond evil’s stinking gutter home.

From how deep in the gutter have you looked out into the world? Was evil your nemesis, companion, dark lord, denied shadow, or everything there was? Was evil something you were, they were, irresistible, unstoppable, all that could be counted on? Arriving at a decision to do or accept harm is evidence of error in thinking, not necessary evil; stop, backtrack, do not go on. Have the courage to question a limited view, and the opportunities to leave the gutter will come to you.

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