Friday, February 29, 2008


Happy Take A Flying Leap Year Month Day

Last week I saw this post on the Michael Teachings group at yahoo. Michael is a distributed channeled entity, a multipersonal higher being, a step toward god, and there are lots of nice thoughtful people on their email list. This post is by Shepherd Hoodwin, a nice guy with a pleasantly eccentric personality who is a Michael channel. A lot of the Michael channeling is about a personality system that includes soul age and archetypal social roles, it's pretty interesting stuff - you can read more about it at Shepherd's website which has the very delightful name of

Anyways, Shepherd wrote, and gave me permission to repeat:

"Sometimes there's a lot of charged, negative energy in the air, like the malaise people feel before a thunderstorm--it's oppressive, and it makes people on edge and grumpier than normal. We're in one of those times now. Maybe they could be at least partly explained in terms of astrology. I just know that they come and go. The negative stuff has to be aroused in order to be healed. I don't mean "negative" in a judgmental way--it's just the dark side of life. Perhaps it could be thought of as the unevolved, raw material for our growth.

I've felt it lately like a raw nerve; negative memories and feelings are more easily triggered. In these times, friends tell me that there's a lot of difficult stuff going on for them."

I was thinking exactly along these lines, and so were a lot of people i've been talking to. Some say it's the lunar eclipse that was last week, but it seems bigger than that. I heard Robert Reich say, with regard to the economy and human suffering and how the world is run, it's a day of reckoning. I feel that's about right, only it's a stage of humanity growing up I'd say. Run your planet right, come on, isn't it obvious by now you're all in this together. Consuming less, appreciating more, that's my slogan these days, as I try to become more prioritized and sensitized, together with caring.

Anyway, in response to Shepherd's post I wrote:

Dear friends,

> We're in one of those times now... Perhaps it could be thought of as the unevolved, raw material for our growth...

I agree totally. Since late December, I've been noticing a lot of severe colds going around as well as people's plans breaking in various ways. I've had to personally take one step forward and two steps backward on a number of issues, including a lot of extra repairs and expenses on house, car, etc.

For a more serious example, my sister got diagnosed with a return of breast cancer after years of remission, and this is forcing her to clean up her life so deeply that she is making the shift from 7th level mature to 1st level old soul artisan. She's amazed to find she's happier and more satisfied with life than ever, but she still has a lot of healing ahead (Beth is her name, in NY, if anyone can send a prayer her way it's much appreciated).

My response to the setbacks has been to clear out the emotional reactions honestly and safely (journaling, both written and audio, meditations, 20 minute jags), then dig deeper to clean out more of the problem areas. I find underlying negative beliefs and attitudes, and fix them in meditations (declaring and demanding new affirmations from a mountain top is a fun one). It's early spring cleaning, on many levels. My friend Kurt Leland, who channels Charles and works with some Michael concepts, calls it an improving cycle, when we are forced to revisit old problem situations and we find out how much better we can handle it this time.

It's hard and disappointing to face a string of setbacks, but it's important to keep the hope alive too. I think it's comparable to what we see on the national level, with people waking up to recession, things aren't as good as they seemed, but then also seeing a fantastic future, with probable new president of hope and dreams like Barak Obama. Internationally too, with latest news like more people taking global warming seriously (now there's a big cleanup task if ever there was one) and Pakistan voting peacefully for more democratic leaders. Stuff like that shows that we're not working for nothing, there's a light at the end of our tunnel.

Remember we're all in this together. Hurray for humanity! I'm living to see that big gradual wakeup shift to global responsibility and enlightenment that the channeled higher beings who watch Earth are always talking about.

best wishes,
Carl Schroeder

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I want a button

I want a button that says:

Highly Defensive People Unite
...unless that's too offensive.

I just don't know when I would wear it.

(HDP is a term coined by Martha Beck in a highly lucid, influential, and entertaining article she wrote which can found online in many places, such as here.

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