Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Follow your Dreams to New Opportunities

I can say that quite literally. Follow your Dreams to New Opportunities.

In the past month, my long brewing but somewhat shy desire to find a good dream group led a writer aquaintance with mediumship talents to say that my lucid dream partner, my non-physical best friend forever (npbff), wants me to get out more and do what I've been thinking of doing. She's been able to pick up on this friend before.

So I looked around on the internet and found that a very nice guy, an aquaintance of some physical classmates (a class on psychic development), just started a dreams support group for the Boston area. So I'm very grateful to the universe for a good match and fruition for my desire.

In a matter of weeks, I got the group a new monthly home at my church in Cambridge, which is on my commute so very convenient for me. We had a good meeting, and I'm giving my first public talk on non-physical planes and dreaming at the next meeting, which is getting lots of signups. This is awesome!

The topic of the talk is material for a book that my npbff and I are working on. I know because we had a dream of drawing a relevant map together.

The book's working title is "Developing Your Transcendent Relationships: The Importance of Understanding Who Loves You, In This And Other Worlds." Sounds great, doesn't it? Assuming you're into that sort of thing, of course. Who reads this blog anyway? :)

So I'm hopeful and expectant that everyone is being offered paths to their highest and deepest needs and desires at this time.

I've also been delighted to be able to use my own film research website to put together a list of films about dreams in a slideshow for the dream group, see here:

Best Wishes to All,

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