Saturday, March 14, 2009


Rare Collectible Journal Excerpt

"And it’s a thrill to reread my essay, it’s so good and I can learn from it. I felt very guided when I put it together to be very compact.

But I mean, this is tricky stuff. I’m playing with projections, personal reality, symbolism, going into a kind of higher alternate world with feelings of love and realness and relationships that I can’t fully explain or even see yet. If done in a grounded experimental way until something fits and takes me a ways, then that’s how realities are lived anyway, people just have gotten into habits of dialogue with their beliefs and personality reactions, and these dialogues are the basis of reality. So personal mythology is digging into these levels of reality behind the reality, and perhaps even using them to transcend to something higher and more real in clarity beyond question. That’s one early goal of spiritual growth after all, to know beyond doubt, such things as I and many do however piecemeal, such things as does god exist, will I live forever, is there a place I belong, do I have talents and gifts to practice joyfully which will feed the universe in a way that feeds me at all levels including the physical, am I loved, am I able to love in a way that is wanted, are all my greatest dreams, desires, and hope grounded in realities that are truly wonderful and secure and real? Yes on all accounts and more."

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