Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Completing the thought

For those who read the last blog entry "in progress" and wondered whatever happened to the story I started, well here it is in its completed form:

My Afterlife, by Carl J. Schroeder

Yesterday morning I wrote a long journal that was quite significant to me. Rather than go into it, I'll just put here the concluding aphorism that finally fashioned itself in my mind a while later. Who knows what it will mean to you, or even me a year from now? But it felt right at the time!

"Whenever the spirit which thirsts for and imagines unlimited power
accepts something it has been given to do in a weak little temporary body
Then there is world peace."

Lastly, I'll share with you here a letter to the editor I wrote that probably won't get published, because the direction got expressed in the day's paper that I didn't read until later. I used to write a lot of barbed pithy letters to the Boston Globe, and at least half a dozen have been published. I haven't written one in a while because I don't like getting my panties in a twist anymore, but I did like how I ended this one in a more conciliatory tone than I would have been capable years ago (still barbed but softer, believe me).


In Defense of Family

Dear Letters to the Editor,

Inspired by Gov. Mitt Romney's anti-gay declaration that every child
deserves a mother and a father, I foresee two more modest proposals:

1) all current widows and divorcees must be required to remarry immediately,
regardless of compatibilities, for the children's sake

2) all parental dying shall be outlawed, to further prevent the tragedies of
point number one. This must include at minimum the discharging from
military service of any soldier caught willing to die for their country,
although I concede that punishment by the death penalty of such willingness
might be too ironic.

Alternatively, we could all just be more loving and supportive of each
other's differences, but that's so hard to enforce.

Carl Schroeder

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