Sunday, November 08, 2009


Blessings of the New Software

I must report that my life is being transformed by software. The Journal 5 is totally amazing, I am inputing all my dreams and ideas and journals and relevant emails and snippets of research into searchable hyperlinked calendar-sorted topic-tagged pages in this great personal information management system. This goes way beyond helping me to write my book, this is giving me mastery of my inner world in all the forms that I write it. I can also embed images, and link to sites and audio files. I'm currently making a personal dream and life taxonomy to tag my notes. I didn't know journaling software like this existed, I hear that many writers use it to organize their material, and professional bloggers use this, it has blog uploading features. You could write a whole book on this and then just transfer the final chapters to a full word processer. See or google journaling software for others, some have other features like timeline for memoir writers at For anyone who wants to work on just dreams, you can get more dream oriented features including symbol dictionaries and interpretation systems from or Alchera from


Hi Carl - Jon here.
My email's one step away from useful. Please look me up in Linkedin and send me an invite.
Another friend has written a book that'll probably be of interest, and two might like to meet.

Been a while since I was at Tgram

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